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Bahar Acar, Analyst

Bahar Acar, who works as an analyst in the Swedish Analytics team, tells us what she does at work.

You work at our analysis department here within the Group. What are you doing?

I work as an analyst at Customer Analytics where I mainly work with customer-specific assignments. Our customers are mainly banks and credit institutions, but we also do internal analyzes. Among other things, I produce analyzes that provide the basis for determining strategies for the credit process, which can be to help a customer with cut-off limit, risk differentiated pricing and household calculations.

Some other examples of analyzes I do are portfolio or current analyzes where I analyze the current status of the customer’s portfolio in relation to the credit market in Sweden with regard to credit risk, debt, credit activity and other information.

I also help clients with the follow-up of the existing customer base, which means that we show the flow in the credit process, everything from application and credit decisions through portfolio growth to the development of debt collection and early redemption. The days are never same, and UC has a lot of data to analyze which is incredibly fun!

How come you started to work for UC and Enento Group?

I wanted to go back to the finance industry and work in credit risk. UC felt like the perfect choice for me. The role of credit risk analyst felt exciting and I saw it as an opportunity to continue to develop in this area. Now I have been here for over two years and I am very happy with my choice.

What is the best thing about our workplace?

The absolute best thing about UC is all fantastic colleagues, we have a good culture at the company and everyone can be involved and influence. In addition, I also appreciate that there is a good balance between work and leisure and that I have stimulating tasks, which means that I am constantly developing.