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IR Policy

IR Policy


The aim of the Investor Relations is to support the appropriate valuation of the Enento Group share by continuously and consistently providing open, honest and correctly timed information regularly and impartially to all market participants. Investor relations also aim to increase interest in the company among institutional and private investors as well as analysts, improve the loyalty of current shareholders and reach new investors and analysts interested in the company. 

The Investor Relations function participates in the production of the content of Interim Reports, Financial Statements Release and Annual Report, and is responsible for writing stock exchange and press releases and making investor presentations and materials. In addition, the function includes investor communications planning, implementation and day-to-day communication with investors and analysts. The Investor Relations function is also responsible for organizing all investor meetings. 

Enento Group’s Investor Relations function covers the Capital Markets Days, Annual General Meetings, conferences for analysts and the media, conference calls, road show events, participation in investor conferences and events as well as meetings with investors and analysts. The Investor Relations function also involves collecting and analyzing investor feedback and share-related information for the needs of the Executive Management Team and Board of Directors. All investor inquiries are centrally managed by Investor Relations. 

Enento Group has a silent period during the last 30 days prior to the publication of the financial report. During that period, the company does not arrange or participate in any one-on-one meetings with the media, analysts or investors.  

In its Disclosure Policy, Enento Group complies with laws and regulations of its operating countries, the Articles of Association, the rules and instructions of Nasdaq Helsinki and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code regarding disclosure obligations and the handling of undisclosed information (insider information).