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Olli Wetterstrand, product specialist

Meet Olli Wetterstrand a product specialist for our consumer services in Finland.

You work as a product specialist for our consumer offering in Finland. What does your role include and what are you responsible for and working with?

We are the only team in Finland to purely focus on services for consumers. Traditionally we offer credit information products but we also have products and services to protect customers’ digital identity against identity thefts.

As a product specialist I work closely with the product owner to plan, test and develop new digital services for our customers. Our work involves close co-operation with developers, UX designers and our marketing team. I also support customer service by answering technical questions and offering them information on new features that we are developing.

For how long have you worked for us and what do you like most with this company?

I have been part of the team since early 2019. The company has a long history in digital business and consumer information services. It feels good to be part of the team and to offer valuable information to society. I like the flexible and modern ways of working. We use latest technologies in development and we work in agile ways. Also the colleagues are professional and fun to work with.

Do you have Nordic cooperation?

Our team is Nordic which means that every day we are in touch with colleagues from different countries. Some projects are local, but most projects have at least some Nordic angle to it. We communicate and share ideas in digital platforms so it’s easy to keep in touch despite the different locations.

What is the most fun part with your work?

A digital service is never ready, things keep changing. So it’s fun to constantly research customers’ needs and offer them new services! The work is never done.