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Peter Østergaard, Sales Manager Proff DK

Meet Peter Østergaard, who works as Sales Manager for Proff DK

Hi Peter, you are in charge of our Proff business in Denmark. What does a regular day look like for you?

Hi, yes it is correct and a normal day for me is mainly spent on selling in collaboration with our skilled salespeople. My day is also enriched by dialogue/video meetings with my Nordic colleagues, some days more than others. Furthermore, often there are some administrative routines that must be handled in connection with management and operation of the office in Denmark.

What was is with Proff that attracted you in the first place?

A: In fact, there are many things that are attracting regarding Proff, but one highlight is that we focus on the good sales, which are characterized by the value that our products add to our customers’ and users daily businesses. Another highlight is the feeling of being part of a company who is making contributions and give insight around the B2B market in Denmark as well as the Nordic countries. It is extremely motivating and there are not many days that are the same, which also makes Proff a great place to work

What would you say to someone  considering joining our business?

A: Don’t think twice, join our business if you would like to work in an innovating company focused on developing new digital solutions for the benefit of business and society.

Employee well-being, individual development and initiatives across different departments and across the Nordic countries are something we do every day.

What do you like the most about being part of a Nordic company?

Being part of a Nordic company where our different Nordic culture seeks a common understanding in relation to our customers, products and always have eye on being innovative in delivering digital solutions, so that we as an individuals and not least as a company continuously deliver our best on a daily basis is extremely exciting and motivating.