Customer impact

Customer impact

Focusing on you, our customer

As our customer you are our highest priority, and in our work we do everything we can to meet your needs in the best way possible and to find solutions to the challenges facing you. To get a better understanding of these things it is important for us to continually get input on our work and how you see us as a partner. Here we tell you more about our work on this.

Whether you are part of a big multinational, run your own business, are a user or an end-consumer, your input is an important focus of our work. Among other things, your input helps us to develop better services, improve our relationship and interaction with you as our customer, and make better strategic decisions so that we can support your business. This means that as a customer you can have an impact, both when we create new services and more generally. This is what one of our customers says about our customer-focused work:

“As a customer of Enento I feel they are always paying attention to me, and various suggestions I have made for improvements have been taken up”

Improved customer experience

The experience that you, as a customer, have with us at Enento is incredibly important. That’s why we get together across different areas throughout Enento to improve together and share our experience. It ensures that we prioritise the right things and that no important elements are missed. The input you provide is well taken care of by the person responsible, who always works to give you the best customer experience possible.

To ensure that we are moving in the right direction we have key indicators that we have established jointly and that we monitor, all to constantly improve. In addition, we continually train our colleagues so that they know how to make the best use of the input we get – an important tool in our work to improve the customer experience.

Here you can read more details how we do this work related to our company brands UC in Sweden, Asiakastieto in Finland and Proff in Norway.




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