Sustainability lies at the heart of our operations

We contribute to a more sustainable economy in our society by providing solutions that enhance transparency and trust in our society. We have been the pioneer in enabling responsible lending and preventing excessive debt incursion through our credit information services since our establishment in 1905.

We help our customers in sustainability and risk management

We support financial market and companies of all sizes in following activities through our credit, business, asset, ESG (environmental, social, governance) and compliance information services:

  • sustainable lending and procurement
  • compliance with laws, regulations and sanctions
  • risk management
  • finance
  • administration and decision making
  • sales and marketing.

Our ESG reports support our customers in evaluating how sustainable companies are from their environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and corporate governance point of view.

We expect that the need for our ESG risk management services is increasing in the future

We expect that the need for our climate and other ESG risk management services is increasing in the near future as the credit and business decision-making processes are anticipated to more comprehensively incorporate ESG risks. This trend is largely influenced by the expanding regulations associated with the EU’s Green Deal, EU taxonomy and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Additionally, the growing awareness of the climate and other ESG risks is further fueling the demand for our ESG services.

Get familiar with EU’s Green Deal on the official website of the European Union.

Sustainability is in the core of our internal development

In our own operations, sustainability for us means that we

  • are a responsible partner to our customers and suppliers
  • are an empowering and a sustainable workplace
  • decrease our own environmental footprint. 

Achieving the net zero target by 2030 is one of our long-term objectives.

If you want to learn more about our sustainability and operations, please get familiar with our

Sustainability lies at the heart of our operations

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