What We Offer

What we offer

We know that you need to do many fast and important decisions everyday. We also know that it pays off to get all data for decision making at the same time. 

We provide smart solutions for all your processes. Data and analytics are our core and we have the passion to create predictive data models to your business processes, financial processes and sales- and marketing processes. Of course, you can have the data fully integrated directly to all your important systems and tuned to perform in real time.  

For small businesses, larger businesses and banks, we offer services to increase sales and boost marketing, for efficient decision making, for real estate processes and for services to identify and show the value of your company.  

For consumers, we offer personal finance and credit information services, as well as services to help detect and prevent fraud following an identity theft

Our broad selection of services is based on our comprehensive database. Data is acquired from several data sources as well as through our own data gathering processes. When our data is used in interactions and processes, we have the ambition to create trust between businesses and people. 

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