Our data

Our data

Enento Group is the leading provider in the Nordics when it comes to providing the high quality, accurate and correct data and information with a wide coverage. We keep daily updated registers on loans and credits, payment defaults as well as advanced company information. Our database is at the core of our business operation.

We offer a broad selection of services that are based on our comprehensive database. Data is acquired from several public data sources, from companies themselves as well as through our own data gathering processes. In accordance with our strategy, we focus on both structured data and on so-called unstructured data, such as data collected from companies’ websites and social media.

Our ability to process high quality data and information is one of the key success factors for our customers. This is how we do it:

Organised reviewing and clearing of data before importing it into the database.

We gather, entwine and combine data sources depending on different customer needs.

The ability to process and analyse information is one of the key success factors to our customers.


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