Who we are

Who we are

Enento Group is one of the leading providers of digital business and consumer information services in the Nordic countries. Our products and services are primarily used for risk management, finance, administration and decision-making as well as sales and marketing purposes.

Before our company was established in 1905, no efficient way to handle responsible lending or preventing over-indebtedness existed. Since then, we have continued to develop new data-driven solutions that power society with intelligence.

Our purpose

Building trust in the everyday

We collect and transform data into intelligence which is used in interactions between people, businesses and society. When our data is used – it builds trust in the everyday between people, businesses and society.

Our services

We offer a broad selection of services including:

  • credit information services
  • business information services
  • asset information services
  • marketing services
  • consumer services.

Our products range from basic report extracts to sophisticated, integrated risk management solutions. Through proprietary datasets, we can deliver unique services in the areas of advanced analytics, decision-making, scoring and monitoring, credit information, ESG and compliance. 

Our services are based on our comprehensive database and high-quality analytics and they are primarily used for:

  • sustainable lending and procurement
  • risk management
  • finance
  • compliance with laws, regulations and sanctions
  • administration and decision-making 
  • sales and marketing. 

Read more about our services and get familiar with some of our customer cases.

Our company in short

  • Number of personnel: around 400
  • Operating countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
  • Brand names:
    In Finland: Asiakastieto and Emaileri
    In Sweden: UC, Allabolag and Proff
    In Norway: Proff
    In Denmark: Proff
  • Customers: large companies within finance and banking, wholesale, retail sector, utilities and small and medium-sized companies and consumers
  • Group-level net sales: 155.9 MEUR (2023)
  • Adjusted EBITDA: 57.1 MEUR (2023)
  • Listing information: Enento Group is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 2015.

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