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What we offer

Our service offering includes:

  • credit information services
  • business information services
  • asset information services
  • marketing services
  • consumer services.

The provided data and information are delivered to our customers via our online services or integrated directly into our customers’ own systems.

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Credit information services

We are the market leader in credit information in Sweden and Finland through our strong local brands UC and Asiakastieto. Our position is strong both within banking, finance and in the consumer credit sector. The relations with the Nordic banks stretch over decades and our data is highly integrated in the core business processes of the banks creating a solid data ecosystem and robust foundation for close collaboration.

Ourservices are primarily used for risk management, finance, administration and decision-making and they include following solutions:

  • credit reports
  • scoring models
  • monitoring
  • advanced decisioning solutions.

Business information services

We have a solid market position in Finland and Norway through our local Asiakastieto and Proff brands, while in Sweden we are currently developing this offering. As we see noticeable growth potential for us in this area, we are currently developing especially our ESG, compliance and master data services.

Our services are used by small, medium, and large companies for the following purposes: risk management, sales, marketing, sustainable lending and procurement, and securing compliance with laws, regulations and sanctions. Our offering includes:

  • monitoring and scoring models
  • sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, governance) information and the related reports, scoring models and reporting tools
  • compliance solutions such as PEP (politically exposed person) & sanctions list screening tools
  • tools for targeting and analyzing companies.

Asset information services

We see high growth potential in this market and develop new services on constant basis. The following services are offered in Finland and Sweden through our Asiakastieto and UC brands:

  • housing valuation information
  • real estate information including information on buildings, residents and housing association apartments, and property climate risk reports
  • vehicle information.

Marketing services

We also help businesses to find new prospects and to enhance their CRM system data e.g. via our following  services sold under our Proff brand in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

  • business and consumer contact information services
  • online visibility services.

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Consumer services

Our services help consumers to understand and better manage their own finances and protect them from identity theft and fraud. In Finland and Sweden we offer Omatieto.fi and MinUC.se online services that cover:

  • finance and credit information services
  • ID protection services.

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    Examples of our solutions for businesses

    Asiakastieto solutions for monitoring your customers
    Asiakastieto solutions for compliance
    Asiakastieto solutions for automating decision making

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