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Enento Group Plc: Shareholders’ Nomination Board’s proposal to Annual General Meeting 2023


Enento Group Plc: Shareholders’ Nomination Board’s proposal to Annual General Meeting 2023

Enento Group Plc’s Nomination Board proposes the number of members in the Board of Directors to be six (6).

The Board proposes that Erik Forsberg, Martin Johansson, Tiina Kuusisto, Patrick Lapveteläinen and Minna Parhiala would be re-elected as members of the Board of Directors. Further information on the nominees is available on the company’s website

The Board proposes Nora Kerppola to be elected the Board of Directors as a new member.

Nora Kerppola (born in 1964) is the Managing Director of Nordic Investment Group Oy. She has long experience in international private equity investing, mergers & acquisitions and development of companies. She has previously worked as a board member in another company operating with credit information.

Remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors

The Board proposes that the remuneration payable to the Board of Directors Chairperson is 54.000 euros per year and to other Board members 38.500 euros per year. An attendance fee of 500 euros shall be paid per Board of Directors meeting.

The Board proposes that chairpersons of Board of Directors committees shall be paid an attendance fee of 500 euros and the committee members shall be paid an attendance fee of 400 euros per committee meeting. The Board proposes that no remuneration will be paid to the Nomination Board members.

The Board proposes that reasonable travelling expenses for the attendance to the meetings shall be paid to members of Board of Directors.

The Board proposes that this proposal for remuneration will become effective after the next Annual General Meeting.

The Nomination Board’s proposals will be included in the Annual General Meeting invitation.


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Enento Group is a Nordic knowledge company powering society with intelligence since 1905. We collect and transform data into intelligence and knowledge used in interactions between people, businesses and societies. Our digital services, data and information empower companies and consumers in their daily digital decision processes, as well as financial processes and sales and marketing processes. Approximately 449 people are working for Enento Group in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The Group’s net sales for 2021 was 163.5 MEUR. Enento Group is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki with the trading code ENENTO.