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Finnish Data Protection Authority imposes administrative fine on Suomen Asiakastieto Oy


Finnish Data Protection Authority imposes administrative fine on Suomen Asiakastieto Oy

Enento Group Plc was informed on 28 February 2023, that the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman (DPA) has imposed an administrative fine of EUR 440 000 on Suomen Asiakastieto Oy (Asiakastieto), the Finnish subsidiary of Enento Group Plc.

On 16 January 2023, the DPA sent to Asiakastieto a request for additional clarification concerning the previous clarification made in 2021 regarding the payment default entries, that Asiakastieto has made to credit registers based on legally binding court decisions. In the additional clarification Asiakastieto informed DPA that it had removed the payment defaults concerning the cases mentioned in the DPA decision already in November 2021.

The DPA and the Ombudsman´s Sanctions Board have now decided to impose an administrative fine on Asiakastieto. Due to a misunderstanding, Asiakastieto had not removed the payment default entries in 2021 concerning all the cases where it was possible that the payment default was incorrect (i.e., the payment default entry did not indicate unwillingness or inability to pay). DPA had interpreted Asiakastieto´s actions in the way, that Asiakastieto had not followed DPA´s order, but had neither appealed the decision. The payment default entries in question were removed from the credit register in January 2023. The deleted payment default entries represent 0.15 percent of all payment default entries in Asiakastieto’s credit register.

Asiakastieto will review and evaluate DPA’s decision and decides later whether to appeal the decision. Asiakastieto has not intentionally failed to comply with the DPA’s previous order, but it is an unintentional error in the interpretation of the order. The administrative fine will be treated as an item affecting comparability.

Enento Group and all its subsidiaries take data protection issues extremely seriously and we are actively developing our operations based on feedback from the authorities.


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