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The Board of Directors of Asiakastieto Group resolved on a long-term incentive plan for key employees


The Board of Directors of Asiakastieto Group resolved on a long-term incentive plan for key employees

The Board of Directors of Asiakastieto Group Plc has resolved to establish a new long-term incentive plan, the Performance Share Plan 2020—2022, for the key employees of Asiakastieto Group Plc and its subsidiaries. The intention is to launch new long-term incentive plans annually.

The aim of the new plan is to align the objectives of the shareholders and the key employees in order to increase the value of Asiakastieto in the long-term, to retain the key employees at Asiakastieto Group and to reward them for achieving the targets established by the Board of Directors.

The plan consists of one performance period covering the calendar years 2020—2022. The potential rewards from the plan will be paid partly in Asiakastieto Group Plc shares and partly in cash after the end of the performance period. The cash proportion is intended to cover taxes and tax-related costs arising from the rewards to the participants. As a rule, no reward will be paid if a participant’s employment or service ends before the reward payment.

The plan offers the participants a possibility to earn reward based on achieving the required performance levels established for the Asiakastieto Group Plc share´s total shareholder return (TSR) in 2020—2022 and the Group’s cumulative Adjusted EBITDA in 2020—2022.

The rewards to be paid from the plan correspond to an approximate maximum total of 100,000 Asiakastieto Group Plc shares, including also the proportion to be paid in cash. The plan is directed to approximately 35 key employees, including the members of the Executive Team.

A member of the Executive Team must hold the net shares received on the basis of the plan, until the member’s shareholding in the company in total corresponds to the value of the member’s annual gross salary and the member’s employment or service at Asiakastieto Group continues.

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Asiakastieto Group is one of the leading providers of digital business and consumer information services in the Nordic countries. The Group’s products and services are primarily used for risk management, finance and administration, decision-making and sales and marketing purposes. We are operating in Finland under the brand Suomen Asiakastieto and in Sweden under the brand UC. Our pro forma annual net sales for 2018 was EUR 134 million and the number of employees was approximately 450. The Group serves several industries, the largest ones including finance and banking as well as wholesale and retail sectors and expert service companies. Asiakastieto Group is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki with the trading code ATG1V. More information about Asiakastieto Group is available at and