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Asiakastieto Group Oyj: Anni Ronkainen invited to join Asiakastieto’s Board of Directors



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Anni Ronkainen invited to join Asiakastieto’s Board of Directors

Anni Ronkainen has been invited to join Asiakastieto Group Plc’s (“Asiakastieto” or “Company”) Board of Directors after the Company has listed on the official list of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. Anni Ronkainen’s extensive experience in digital business operations will support Asiakastieto in achieving its strategic goals and especially contribute to Asiakastieto’s goal of increasing its share of digitalised services.

Anni Ronkainen M.Sc. (Econ.), 48, has been responsible for Google’s business operations in Finland since 2009 and was recently appointed as Chief Digital Officer of Kesko responsible for business development, digital business environment and marketing and a member of Kesko’s Group Management Board.

After the listing, Asiakastieto’s Board of Directors will consist of Daniel Lopez-Cruz (Chairman), Petri Carpén, Bo Harald, Gilbert Kamieniecky and Anni Ronkainen.

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Jukka Ruuska, CEO, Asiakastieto Group Plc, Tel. +358 10 270 7111

About Asiakastieto

Asiakastieto is a leading Finnish provider of business and consumer information services. The Company’s products and services are primarily used for risk management, decision-making and sales and marketing purposes. The Company believes that it is the market leader by revenue in credit information services in Finland. The Company also operates in the market for business and consumer information, as well as the market for sales and marketing information services in Finland. The Company has approximately 13,000 contract customers and its largest customers include financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunication operators and wholesale and retail companies.



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