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Welcome to Enento Group!

Today, we start a new era when we change our name from Asiakastieto Group to Enento Group. Our history goes back until 1905 when Finnish businessmen assembled at the Seurahuone Hotel in Tampere, Finland with the purpose of founding a credit information agency. Back then, we were called Suomen Luotonantajayhdistys. In 1933 we changed our name...

A short video about us and our purpose

Our purpose is to build trust in the everyday. What do we mean with that? Our core business is to collect and transform data into intelligence and knowledge. ​Our refined, analysed and entwined data is used to build trust in the everyday between people, businesses and society.  ...

How do we contribute to a more sustainable economy in the society?

I feel very proud when I think about the fact that Enento Group have contributed to a sustainable economy in ​ society for more than 100 years. Before Enento Group was established in 1905, no efficient way to handle responsible lending or preventing over indebtedness existed.  Ever since, our passion is to be at the forefront...