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Welcome to Enento Group!

Today, we start a new era when we change our name from Asiakastieto Group to Enento Group. Our history goes back until 1905 when Finnish businessmen assembled at the Seurahuone Hotel in Tampere, Finland with the purpose of founding a credit information agency. Back then, we were called Suomen Luotonantajayhdistys. In 1933 we changed our name to Luottotieto and in 1988 to Asiakastieto. Since 2015, we are listed on the Helsinki Nasdaq.   

Why do we change name? 

In the last two years, Asiakastieto Group has expanded significantly. During that time, we have acquired UC AB in Sweden, in Sweden and Proff in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Today we are a Nordic knowledge company with the ambition to grow in the Nordic region. Since Asiakastieto Group is not an easy name to pronounce unless you are Finnish speaking, the new name should be easy to say and to remember. Therefore, from now on Enento Group is our new company umbrella brand for the Group. We will however keep our local market brands; Suomen Asiakastieto Oy in Finland, UC AB in Sweden and Proff AS in Denmark and Norway and Sweden.  

What does Enento mean?  

Enento comes from the Latin word Nento, which means “to entwine”.  A suitable name since this is what we do in our every day business with the data and information we gather and refine. By entwining data and information with new data we make it more powerful and useful. And this entwined and enriched data enables us as a Nordic knowledge company to power the society with intelligence.  

What is the story behind our new logo and symbol? 

It is not just the name that is changing, we are also changing all the logos for our local brands within the Group. We think this is a great opportunity to align the brands and to visualise that all of our brands are part of the same family. The core of our business is data and information. Data is a strong enabler when building trust between people, businesses and society.  Trust is also what we would like our new logos to convey. Take a look at this 20 seconds short video, and let us describe the background of our new logos. [link to video] 

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