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Enento Group complies with sanctions and secures the data needed for its customers

Many of us are worried and stressed about what is happening so close to us. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

Enento Group is strictly following and complying with all the sanctions set for Russian companies. We are using our own service to make sure that we don’t do business with companies, service providers or data providers under any international sanctions.

Business operations with companies and individuals under sanctions are forbidden, but the need for information regarding Russian and Ukrainian companies is still there. We recognize that our role as information provider for society is crucial and necessary. Companies need to monitor the risks and see the changes to be able to react on them. For that need Enento Group can provide reports and data about Russian and Ukrainian companies. These reports are gathered by our German and Latvian partners.

We in Enento Group want to help. Therefore, as a company we are donating 15 000 € for the Red Cross. We trust them to decide what is needed the most to help the people who suffer. Also, as a sustainable community of 450 human beings, we colleagues of Enento will organize a fundraising to donate some more.