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Enento Group’s strong culture recognized by Nordic Diversity Index 2024

At Enento Group diversity goes through the whole organization, and now we have been recognized for it. Nordic Business Diversity Index ranked Enento Group among the TOP-15 mid-cap companies. The index for 2024 was released on 25th January.

“We are honored and pleased to receive this recognition for diversity. It is well-known that diversity brings a range of benefits, both for financial results and for being a sustainable company. I believe that diversity is essential for a culture with a growth mindset, and it has been an integral part of our company culture for many years. However, we recognize that there is always room for improvement, and we are committed to working on areas such as recruitment, compensation, and training. Choosing equity is a decision we have made, and there is no other way”, states Jeanette Jäger, CEO of Enento Group.

The index is based on data, gathered by Impaktly, and the companies in the report are ranked according to the diversity of their senior management. At Enento Group, both the Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors are gathered up 50/50 from male and female members. There are members and experts representing several nationalities and age groups too.

“At Enento we see diversity from quite broad perspective, taking in to account all the DEIB aspects (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging). We see diversity as facts and numbers, for example on gender, age, education, nationality, and seniority. These all very much matter to us and we can see the benefits”, Jeanette Jäger says.

Suvi Halttula, the Expert for Social Responsibility at Impaktly also shares this vision.

“Diversity is a pure business advantage. Numerous studies support diversity in companies, especially at management level, to be a driver of new innovations. It often leads to better business, also in terms of numbers. Diverse and inclusive teams also attract diverse talent, which helps companies to further grow and develop their business”, she says.

Nordic Business Diversity Index is an independent market research initiative by Impaktly. It is the most extensive ranking in researching leadership diversity within more than 600 Nordic Nasdaq-listed companies. Since 2019, The Nordic Business Diversity Index has aimed to visualize what senior leadership looks like in the Nordics.

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