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Meet Arto Paukku, our new Investor Relations Officer

I am very excited to share that it is time for a new chapter in my professional career. I am starting as the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) at Enento Group now on December 1st. I have been in the company for more than two years, responsible for the Nordic business line called Premium Solutions, which develops business information products and services mainly for the SME customer segment. It has been a period of great growth and development both personally and for the business line. I have learned to know our business in all countries and based on this experience I now have an excellent grip on Enento’s strategy and operations. Combine that with my interest in numbers and our company financials – I think it creates an excellent starting position for my new assignment.

As the IRO one of my main responsibilities is to take our IR activities to the next level, and thereby strengthen our investor relations, meaning the relationships with the investors and analysts, but also communicate Enento’s investment story to the markets to attract, identify and meet new potential investors. Ensuring regulatory compliance in financial communications is equally important as we want to build trust in the capital markets and avoid unnecessary volatility of the stock price.

There is, of course, a lot more to work with, but the main thing is that I am available for the external stakeholders interested in the company, whether you are an existing shareholder or a new potential investor.

We are planning to be active with our investor communications on different channels, so stay tuned and please get in touch if you have any questions. See you around!

Arto Paukku

Investor Relations Officer

Arto has been working with sales, customers and business development in the financial services industry for the last decade. He has recently started as the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) at Enento Group. He is passionate about managing market expectations with transparent, correctly timed and accurate information and taking Enento's IR activities to the next level. He believes in communication, collaboration and commitment as a leader. Arto is almost obsessed with following NHL hockey and loves to travel with his family. One day he wants to own a house in northern Italy. He will be blogging about investor relations, shareholder value creation and widely about working in a publicly listed Nordic company.

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