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Meet Karl-Johan Werner – Enento’s COO

The second official episode of the “Meet our Executive Team Members” is now out. 

In this episode, we are thrilled to introduce you our new Chief Operating Officer Karl-Johan (KJ) Werner, who by the way continues as the Chief Data & Analytics Officer too! He joined Enento four years ago, but recently took over the responsibility of COO. In this video, he will share his vision for the future and outline his duties, responsibilities, and focus areas for the next 12 months.

Get ready to be inspired by KJ’s passion, leadership, and commitment to driving our company’s success!

PS. Have you already seen the first episode with Victoria Preger and Elina Stråhlman? CLICK HERE to check it out!


Arto Paukku

Investor Relations Officer

Arto has been working with sales, customers and business development in the financial services industry for the last decade. He has recently started as the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) at Enento Group. He is passionate about managing market expectations with transparent, correctly timed and accurate information and taking Enento's IR activities to the next level. He believes in communication, collaboration and commitment as a leader. Arto is almost obsessed with following NHL hockey and loves to travel with his family. One day he wants to own a house in northern Italy. He will be blogging about investor relations, shareholder value creation and widely about working in a publicly listed Nordic company.

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