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Enento – lots of opportunities for colleagues to grow!

Enento is a company of growth. We want to accelerate and broaden our business together with our customers. We also see the growth potential in our people – us “Enentos”. During a couple of years, we have got over 150 totally new colleagues in total, but still, a career of several years – even decades – is not unusual within Enento Group. We see the internal opportunities as one big reason for people to stay.

In Enento Group, there are typically from 20 to 25 colleagues every year stepping into a new role internally.

“Enento has truly offered various opportunities for me in my work, and I believe the possibilities to grow and take on new responsibilities internally are great. We are a Nordic company with various services, and this gives everyone great potential for further growth and internal movement”, says Linn Messel Williamsen, our Marketing Coordinator for the Norwegian market.

She originally joined Enento in a substitute role as Customer Services Manager. Before her current assignment she worked for the sales department in a supporting role.

“I got to show my competence in several departments and met all my great colleagues. These versatile roles have given me the insights of different needs. It’s a big asset in my current job, I think.”

Technology – need for learning all the time

We want to create our digital and smart solutions on top of up-to-date technology. There is a constant need for talents in the IT area. When some of Enentos decides to leave the company, it’s always a huge relief to find out, that an internal colleague is willing and able to step in. That’s exactly what happened for Tuomas Tielinen, Systems Architect at our Helsinki office.

“I joined Enento as a Systems Specialist working with our OpenShift and Linux systems. After a year, one of our Systems Architects moved on to another company. My manager encouraged me to apply for the role. I took the opportunity and got accepted”, Tuomas Tielinen says.

“I like learning new technologies, and this role has given me opportunities to do that. I have enjoyed working with my colleagues, who are competent and easy to get along with. In my opinion, Enento is big enough to provide opportunities to do new stuff and still small enough that you can see the difference your work can make.”

Growing up with products and services

A crucial part of our strategy is that we truly understand the changing needs of our customers. We are always developing better solutions and products with them. Basically, in Enento Group’s business units there are Product Owners and Product Specialists working together as pairs. Product Owner is a key expert with the purpose to drive products and services through the whole life cycle – carrying ideas from prototype to launch. Product Specialist’s main purpose is to take care of operational standards, processes, and procedures for an ongoing operation of designated products in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders.

Erik Göransson started his Enento career as a Product Specialist for our decisions solutions team in Sweden. According to him, the role of a product specialist is very versatile, and you get a lot of contact points throughout the organization.

“It is a great combination of internal development projects, development of our products and dialogue with customers, which I appreciate a lot. My colleagues have also contributed a lot. I have never been in a better team with such nice, dedicated, and knowledgeable colleagues”, he says.

After about three years working, he stepped into the new role as Product Owner for Enento’s PSD2 services for Swedish market. In this role he can be hands on involved and really drive product development in the PSD2 area where Enento sees lots of potential for many customers and industries.

“I feel Enento taking care of us – people’s needs and wishes. Not only making it possible to grow into another role but also to grow in the role that you currently work for.”  

Learning for leadership

Enento puts a lot of effort to build leadership within the company. Our managers are in a constant process to learn better coaching skills to support their teams in hybrid working environment. Often the new managers are found inside the company. Johanna Kurikka, Manager for the Finnish Business Operations team is one of them.

“I have a 20-year background in banking/financial services sector in various business development roles and that’s basically what I continued doing in Enento. I was excited by the fact that I could continue working with development but switch sides by the table.”

Still, her other passion has always been people. After a reorganization Enento established a new Business Operations team, consisting of Product Specialists working for different services. Johanna Kurikka decided to apply for the Manager role in that team.

“I even got a subtle nudge from my manager for that move, and I couldn’t be happier now! My team is full of amazing personalities, great talent and extensive knowledge. I truly feel that now I can expand my skills and can also contribute a lot based on my previous experience with different areas of development and working for our customer organizations.”

Please visit Enento Group’s CAREER page and see if there are opportunities for you too!