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Our Customer Operations Strategy is to deliver a Superior Customer Experience.

To deliver a Superior customer experience is our Customer Operations strategy within Enento and the core in the operational work within Enento. 

We have high demands on ourselves and work continuously to raise the quality level of all processes and customer interactions with the intention of always improving and becoming an even better in everything we do and deliver a Superior Customer Experience and value in all Customer interactions. 

This is achieved through a large customer first focus, based on a high employee commitment and everyone’s openness to improve, and change, as well as a process culture where we always evaluate and finding smarter ways in our daily work and a willingness to always increase knowledge and skills to meet customer expectations and improve -end to end processes. 

Customer first focus

Customer Satisfaction, NPS and CX-index (customer experience index) is a measure of our performance from the customer’s point of view. 

Our success is dependent on the ability to:

  • understand and meet customer needs
  • exceed customer expectations 
  • Take action on customer feedback and insights, to achieve this requires that we listen to our customers and, based on their views, are planning continuous and lasting improvements in our customer experience and our business. 

Employee engagement and participation 

As a central function within Enento we need to have the best and the right people on the bus, that have all the knowledge and skills to handle the support and deliveries expected from the company and from our customers. 

All employees in operations:

  • Need to be able to understand their own role and be able to take responsibility for the quality of their work and our customers experience in all interactions. 
  • Having the knowledge and skills needed to deliver s Superior Customer Experience
  • have a well-founded and consistent picture of the goals to be achieved and the desired results and our strategy
  • is actively contributing, giving feedback and using our knowledge, in cooperation with other part of our organization, take action to improve the customer experience.

Operational smartness 

We are always evaluating ways of working, finding innovative initiative-big and small from a group and customer perspective, in close collaboration with other parts of Enento.

We continually improve our processes by:

  • strive to achieve maximum customer value and flawless products and services-best practices delivery
  • involve everyone in all teams in the innovative improvement work within Customer Operations area
  • Determine, work towards and follow up our results against measurable process goals 
  • Convert manual processes to automatic operation-for long-term lower costs and higher revenue
  • Challenging our self to Digitalize and modernize ways of working 


Maria Lallerman

Nordic Head of Customer Operations

Maria is customer obsessed and she has been working within the finance and banking business for the last 20 years, inspired and motivated to create a customer experience no matter in what areas shes been working in or being responsible for. In her spare time she lives a very active life and she enjoys to be outdoor in the woods with her dog or in the gym pumping iron or in the hockey rink watching her sons playing. She also enjoy traveling both abroad especially to Spain or to her country house in the southern part of Sweden, Båstad. Here she writes about customers and our strategy to create a Superior customer experience, our digitalization and modernization journey and customer success stories.

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