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“Voice of the customer” – a theme week to build Customer First culture in Enento Group

In Enento we are planning our first ever “Voice of the customer” week in the beginning of May. It will be an internal series of events where we all concentrate on developing our knowledge related to delivering a superior customer experience. I think this is a fun and creative way for us Enentos to boost our Customer First culture. This kind of culture and attitude are strong already, but there is always room for growth and improvement!

During this theme week we will invite some customers to our offices to share their insights. There will be training sessions and workshops for us to innovate new ways to help our customers and ensure the first-class customer experience. We want to build an aligned commitment to putting the customer first in everything we do.

“It’s been very helpful to work with UC (part of Enento) who provides a lot of data we need in one place.”

Hampus Brodén, CEO of Stabelo

See the video interview of our customer Stabelo.

Majority of us Enentos are interacting with our different kind of customers every day. With this special week we want to ensure that every single one of us will get the feeling of this connection and find their ways to support it. We all get the opportunity to meet and hear directly from our customers and gain a better understanding of their needs and preferences. I think this week will help us create a sense of shared purpose and commitment to the customers across the entire organization.

Building culture by learning from each other

An important part of delivering a great customer experience is learning from each other. In Enento Group we are an interesting mix of colleagues with very long experience and newcomers from other organizations, cultures, or departments. I believe we all have something to teach but especially lots to learn from each other. During this “Voice of the customer” week we will take that time to share our best practices and tacit knowledge to be scaled up in the organization.

It would be difficult to give up using Asiakastieto’s (part of Enento) positive credit information service.

Jermu Säippä, Head of Retail Credit Portfolio at Danske Bank

Read the case of our customer Danske Bank.

Overall, implementing a “Voice of the customer” week, is a powerful tool to continue the journey of building a strong customer-first culture within Enento. By demonstrating commitment to the customer we want to create a culture that always prioritizes the customer. If we succeed, we will see increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, business growth and success as a result.

And the winner is: Our dear customer! ❤️️

Maria Lallerman

Nordic Head of Customer Operations

Maria is customer obsessed and she has been working within the finance and banking business for the last 20 years, inspired and motivated to create a customer experience no matter in what areas shes been working in or being responsible for. In her spare time she lives a very active life and she enjoys to be outdoor in the woods with her dog or in the gym pumping iron or in the hockey rink watching her sons playing. She also enjoy traveling both abroad especially to Spain or to her country house in the southern part of Sweden, Båstad. Here she writes about customers and our strategy to create a Superior customer experience, our digitalization and modernization journey and customer success stories.

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