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A sustainable workplace – our happy place!

In spring 2020 we decided to take the next step when it comes to sustainability at Enento Group. We created a cross-functional team working with our four most important areas within sustainability. We also publish our very first sustainability review earlier this year. Today I wanted to focus on one of those four focus areas – being a sustainable workplace. By being a responsible employer who believes in our employees’ abilities, we strive to create the best possible work environment. I took the opportunity to interview my dear colleague Jenny Lardner within our HR team and she is behind many initiatives contributing to our sustainable workplace.

How are you driving and working with the area of sustainable workplace within Enento?

 – I believe the most important thing is to create a good experience for everyone that works here, and that we are happy colleagues together, have a healthy culture, diversity, and equality, stimulating work tasks, good organization, office environment and that we show care for each other and have a positive impact on the society outside the Enento Group.​

– The work to create a sustainable workplace has of course become even more important due to the pandemic. We are going back to the offices at a slow pace and we are observant and understand that not everyone feels comfortable meeting a lot of people at once, or taking public transport to the offices. We will work flexible hybrid now and our employees decide in the team how they will set up their office work and find their level of hybrid work.

In what shape and form are sustainability visible in our operations today?

– In our operations we want to ensure that we are a good employer taking care of our employees, are trustworthy, and constantly developing services for our customers. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and is integrated into our service development, in the way we recruit new colleagues, in our on boarding program for new employees, in our values, and in the way we do things daily.

Can you give some examples of activities you have been focusing on so far during 2021?

– The aim for HR and the sustainable workplace work-stream is to highlight new initiatives from different parts of Enento and also the initiatives that HR is working with to make a sustainable workplace for all our employees. A key factor in understanding the level of well-being of our employees has been conducting well-being surveys throughout the pandemic, so-called Pulse Surveys. The feedback on what we can improve and what our employees want us to keep doing, as well as sharing their learnings and best practices for remote work, has brought great understanding to us of the well-being of our personnel.

Here are some examples of activities that we have been doing:

Health hour
We want our employees to keep up the motivation and to encourage our colleagues not to forget their well-being therefore we have for more than a year offered our employees one working hour every week to spend on their health and doing some exercise. We have also invited all employees to join Staff in motion to promote health and well-being.

Meeting-free Wednesday mornings
To create more time for work and innovation we are piloting meeting-free time meaning that each Wednesday we have no internal meetings until after lunch hour.

Meeting policy
A more sustainable meeting culture, will also enable more time for innovation.

Flexible hybrid work
To support the “puzzle of life” to expand all employees’ opportunity to choose where they want to work we are now going into a flexible hybrid work.

Digital ergonomic therapist
Stress disorders are a common work environment problem and are caused by long-term and statistical work. We are offering Ergonomic help for everyone that needs it. During the pandemic, this is offered via Teams.

How do you see that our work will change for the future – post-Covid – and can you give some examples of what we are doing when it comes to hybrid work?

– After more than one and a half years at home, we can finally see that we will soon start coming back to the offices again. We understand that many of us are longing to meet each other face-to-face again. This is great! We have gained a lot of experience during this time and have a fantastic opportunity to create a sustainable, safe, and flexible workplace for the future.

We review opportunities both in the short and long-term and at the moment our main focus is on the planning for the re-opening of our offices. In the long run, we will work to refit our premises to be a sustainable workplace from different perspectives. In the following months, we will follow how our offices are used, what needs the office should meet and it will give us input on how to plan for our future office.

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