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We will boost our customers with innovation and sustainability for the future

In May last year we launched our new Group Strategy for 2020-2023 internally and externally. The strategy was created by all employees within Enento Group during the fall 2019. A fantastic journey with many new brave ideas.

So, here are a few examples on what has happened since then when it comes to the implementation of the Strategy.

  1. One of our offering goals is to retain and strengthen the credit information business. Within this area we have decided to develop our sustainability offering on a Nordic market. For example, we do already offer the unique ESG report of all active limited liability companies on the Finnish market today. This year we will take the next step to develop the service a lot more and cover more markets.

  2. Another offering goal for the next three years is to become the leader within business information. One of the steps is the re-organization that we will implement starting April 1st. We will go from four Business Areas to three Business Areas. One of them will be focusing only on the Nordic offering within Business information. We believe that this change will support faster service development to the customers.

  3. Become the No 1 choice in data driven business processes as a service. Many things will happen here, but already this year we will launch a new service on the Swedish market which will simplify and digitalize the processes for housing cooperatives.

  4. When it comes to ways of working and being future fit. We have already created our joint internal Nordic processes. This winter and spring, we will focus on efficient and common ways of working when it comes to service development and we have decided to work even more agile and to get inspiration from the SAFe methodology. When it comes to this area we have also come very far in our internal sustainability work. Now we have a clear view on our own environmental impact and we have the ambition to reach net zero emission by 2023. We also have the passion to decrease over indebtedness in the society and during the fall 2020 we increased our media visibility within this area. We will of course also continue to educate young people in how to take care of their private economy in a good way. Learn more! We have also started our internal work in order to increase “innovation in the everyday” which we hope will benefit our customers even more in the future.
  • Last but not least – our board did approve our business case about Platform Transformation Program in December 2020. This is absolutely one of our big main priority this year and next year. With the new shared platforms, we can meet the future needs of our customers, accelerate the speed of our service development and get more done with same resources. Decreasing the maintenance costs is another important goal.

Having the strategy prepared by the Enento personnel, competent and engaged people and being in industry with multiple growth and development possibilities gives us great growth platform for the future.




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