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Sustainability at our core – low emission level, high uptime of our services and new ESG offering launched in 2022

Today we launched our Sustainability review for Enento Group. Please read it here. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all customers, partners and colleagues for the great cooperation during 2022 so that we together are able to continue to contribute to a sustainable economy in the society. I would also like to give you a short update and a few highlights from our sustainability year 2022.

Our own environmental impact – a decrease of 74% since base year

We have set ambitious target towards carbon neutral by 2023 and aim to reach net zero by 2030. I am proud to say that we with a committed team effort that our total carbon footprint for 2022 was a decrease with 74 percent since our base year 2019. Our largest source of emissions comes from travelling, 46 percent. Therefore, this is an emission source which we in Enento need to continue to try to decrease for the future.

Sustainable services – we now cover 1,3 million companies’ ESG data in the Nordics

We help companies to make sustainable decisions and grow in a responsible way. Our products add value to our customer’s business processes as we provide data with high quality which builds trust by, for example reducing credit and business risks and by supporting sustainable lending.

I am also very excited that we at Enento Group now cover 1,3 million companies ESG data in the Nordics. Other examples of product offerings to make the lives of our customers easier, are our scoring models, housing valuation services, real estate data, sales and marketing insight offering and anti-fraud services which help our customers to detect and prevent fraud. During 2022 Enento’s solutions for Knowing Your Customer has been important because customers are able to detect companies on sanction lists. We also provide climate risk assessment of real-estate and housing.

Our impact of a sustainable economy in the society

Our services affect countless important decisions in society. Supporting a sustainable economy and decrease over ineptness in the society is the starting point for Enento Group’s operations and something we have been doing since 1905, since our company was first established.
In addition to provide sustainable and important data for many business decisions, we also support and educate the general public daily in private finances. For example, our comprehensive customer operations teams answer and support about 240 000 interactions every year from individuals who aren’t our customers today. This is something they do in addition to support and help service our existing users and customers as well on a daily basis via chatbots, phone and emails. Another example is that in 2022 we educated about 700 people in Finland (TarkkaFyrkka) and Sweden (The Bill). The aim of this work is to provide material to young adults with basic knowledge of credit information, payment defaults and management of their own finances.

During the end of 2022, the credit information act changed in Finland. The biggest change is that the payment default will be taken from the register after 30 days when the payment default is paid and Asiakastieto has received a notice of it. That caused significant increase of contacts to our customer service in the end of last year. With our tutorials and video material, we were able to pro-actively give answers to some of the questions from consumers.

Sustainable workplace and Great Place to work certified

In 2022 we were Great Place to Work certified for the third year in a row in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The result also showed that one of our biggest strengths in our company is trust in our closest manager. During last year we did also implement several important actions which you can read more about in our sustainability review, as for example a new Pulse survey tool to be able to follow employee engagement on a more regular basis in bi-weekly surveys and not only once a year.

Please read the whole report: Enento Group’s Sustainability Review 2022