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Positive credit information provided by Asiakastieto is an important part of responsible lending at Danske Bank

Responsible lending is a natural part of Danske Bank’s operations, which it has always observed. “In my opinion, responsible lending is a basic requirement for our operations in the modern society. If we want to attract customers or employees, we have to be able to operate responsibly,” says Jermu Säippä, Head of Retail Credit Portfolio at Danske Bank. In practice, it means that when making the credit decision, the bank and the customer review the customer’s needs and financial situation together. In this way, the financier can provide the customer with the right solutions and appropriately sized credit.

This is the stage where Danske Bank utilises the positive credit information service of Asiakastieto. “We use the positive credit information service of Asiakastieto in all of our application channels, and it is an important part of our credit decision process. It would be difficult to give up using this service since through it, we can verify information about customers’ financial situations in real time,” says Säippä.

Asiakastieto built this positive credit information service to suit its customers’ needs in 2013 and continues to develop it with its customers. Today, the service’s information is used to make half a million credit decisions every month.