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90 percent of our customers thinks we give excellent customer service

Customer focus, competence and commitment is important to us. We handle a large number of different customer inquiries every day. From end-consumers who have questions about their personal finances or general economic questions, to corporate customers who have questions about our products and services.  Regardless of who is contacting us, our mission is to create a good experience in every interaction.

And it seems that we are succeeding. A recent survey that we conducted show that 90 percent of our customers (consumers and corporate customers in both Finland and Sweden) think our customer service gives excellent support. This is something that we are very proud of.  

We are happy to help, educate and inform our customers and general public

Majority of people that contact us are not our direct customers, they are members of the public who contact us to ask on advice connected to payment defaults or private economy. But we are happy to help since we have an important role in educating and informing. This is a responsibility that we take seriously and to do this it is important that our employees have the right skills and commitment. The most important thing is to put the customer or user in focus and understand fully how we can help them. Our goal is to make things that seem very complicated to someone fully understandable after their interaction with us.

Availability is key

It is also important to us that we are reachable in the channels where our customers want to have a dialogue with us. Today we can be reached by telephone, e-mail or via Messenger in Facebook. We have also an automated customer dialogue via a chatbot on and The chatbot gives quick and easy answers to the most frequently asked questions, and is helping answering questions where we believe the customer can be helped without any personal interaction.

Understanding and act on customers’ needs

In order to gain a better understanding of what our customers think, we continuously send out customer surveys to both private and corporate customers where we measure loyalty (NPS), customer experience, associations and satisfaction and how likely it is that our customers would recommend us. During the latest two years, the loyalty level has increased. Even though we have many loyal and satisfied customers we always try to develop and challenge ourselves further and we have the passion to care and dare for our customers.

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