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Our customers are our greatest asset

The majority of companies care about their customers, and it would be strange otherwise as the customers are the ones who ensure the company’s survival. But how do you capture customers’ feedback and how can you involve customers in product development? Victor Frössling, Customer Experience Manager at Enento Group, knows all about it. Here you get an insight into how we work with these issues.

At Enento Group we have a Customer Experience Program, can you tell us a little more about it Victor?

– Yes, that’s right, within Enento Group we run a Nordic Customer Experience Program where we gather our initiatives in a structured way to improve the experience for our customers. It can be everything from conducting customer surveys, to supporting the organisation in having an increased focus on our customers, large and small. The purpose is to provide a toolbox for the organization, as the customer experience is something that runs through the entire Group, from the CEO and management team to all employees, says Victor Frössling.

How do we work to capture feedback from customers?

– Feedback comes in many different forms and from several sources, so it is important to find ways to collect as much as we can and ensure that it is taken care of. Today, we proactively collect feedback, in the form of annual customer surveys as well as in more specific projects, for example when we develop new services and offers, Victor continues.

– Capturing needs, experiences, perceptions, and signals from our customers are so central to everything we do, as I said, from developing the right services to improving the slightest interaction. It is super important. But we are not perfect, right now we are working, for example, to improve capturing and taking responsibility for the feedback that customers give us spontaneously. This can be given in a conversation with the customer manager, via social media, or via an employee who has heard something from an acquaintance who is a customer.

Involves customers in product development

Victor says that at Enento we also involve our customers in developing products and services that they need. He says that it is all about involving the customers in the idea work as early as possible in the process. To keep our ear to the ground, to ask the right questions, and to then be able to focus on the needs that have emerged.

– That is the whole reason why we are here and something I know our customers expect from us. Without that work, we will not exist in the future. That is my conviction.

That is why it is extra exciting that so many customers in our annual loyalty survey have said that they want to be involved in the development of new services. To date, we have run several projects, large and small, with the help of these customers’ input and feedback. It is not only an important part of customer-oriented development but also a fun job. And that is probably also how we create trust, I think.

You mention trust, how important is that would you say?

– Trust is incredibly important and the core of what we do, our ‘reason for being’ you could say. If our customers believe that we can solve their challenges and help them serve their customers, I believe that they retain their trust in us.

Victor says that this is also how we want to build long-term relationships with our customers, and here an outstanding customer experience is invaluable because if we cannot offer a smooth customer journey, it does not matter how good our products are.

In conclusion, Victor, what do you enjoy the most with your job?

-It is to be able to work with my fantastic colleagues every day on how we can improve the customer experience. There is an incredible energy here and the ambition to create positive customer experiences exists regardless of whether you work in Customer service to answer questions or are a Product Owner creating the product of the future. No matter how many programs you run or customer surveys you carry out, it is the people behind them who do the work. That’s the most fun!

Thanks for the chat, Victor!