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Our HR Director wins the award HR-director of the Year!

Yesterday our very talented Eleonor Öhlander was awarded the title HR-director of the Year 2020 within employer branding by Universum.

The award was given to Eleonor yesterday afternoon at a live digital gala, where the best employers were announced. Also, people and organizations that have done tremendous work with employer branding were awarded as well.

The motivation to Eleonor winning is:

“This person has in a very clear way driven the questions within her organization.
She has succeeded with this work extremely well, with clear results, high involvement, and big interest from the Group.
We, therefore, think that this person stands out from the crowd, and together with engaged management from Universum, we want to award Eleonor Öhlander, UC, the award as HR Director 2020 within Employer Branding!”

The Jury at the digital Awards Gala for Universum

Congratulations Eleonor! We are so proud and happy about this announcement!


Jukka Ruuska


Jukka has been the CEO for the group since 2012 and has a long track record of holding senior positions in various companies in Finland. He has a degree in Master of Laws. Business is something that is close to heart for Jukka and here he will write about innovation, compliance as well as our offering and group activities. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family in the summer house and is a very keen tennis player. Theatre is another passion of his.

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