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Sustainability is the key to the future

Sustainable societies and economies are built on trust. Enento Group contribute to a sustainable economy in the society by helping people, businesses and societies in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway with reliable business and consumer information, which is used to make the best possible decisions in businesses and in people’s lives. But what does this mean in more detail? We asked Group CEO Jukka Ruuska.

Jukka, what does sustainability mean at Enento?

-At Enento, we power people, businesses and society with data and intelligence that can be trusted. We work tirelessly with preventing over-indebtedness in the society and with helping our customers to make sustainable decisions. This is how we build trust in the everyday.

-Sustainability is very important to Enento. From our employees’ point of view, Enento acting in a responsible manner and being able to enhance sustainability with our services, is important – it creates sense of purpose and, I hope, pride of the positive impact we can have on society. This is important also for new recruitments. In the financial market large institutions have started to set strict environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria for investments. It goes without saying that we want to pass that hurdle as well.

Enento Group’s mission is building trust in the everyday. How does this relate to sustainability?

-In our values we have defined the ways we behave as individuals and as a company: We build trust – our people, customers and shareholders can rely on that we act in a trustful manner also in the ESG field. We care and dare – we take care of environmental, social and governance related matters. We grow together – we develop and provide services to help our customers act in a sustainable manner, for example not lending to consumers in danger of becoming over-indebted or providing data on sustainability of subcontractors. This is the basis for our corporate ethics.

-It is also connected to when our data is used in interactions between people, businesses and the society – it builds trust in the everyday between people and businesses. This is also how our data contributes to a more sustainable economy in the society. You can trust our data, and you can trust that it will help and support you in big decisions in life, such as buying an apartment or starting your own company.

What are the most important changes we see in the future that will affect us?

-Technological advances and climate change are having the biggest impact on our operations, and digitalisation is changing business processes and bringing new business models and new solutions. For example, Machine Learning and AI are technologies we must be able to utilise in order to make processes more efficient and algorithms better. This change includes important responsibility aspects, for example how to safeguard that machine learning doesn’t bring into decision-making that kind of biases that should not be affecting the decisioning like national origin, religion or language. The decisioning has to be transparent and explainable. These are fundamental things when building trust between a lender and its customers.

Thank you Jukka. If you want to know more about our Sustainability work you can read more in our Sustainability Review 2020.