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Thank you for a different year – a summary of 2020

2020 has been a very special and different year in many ways, and I have been given the honour to try to summarise this in this years’ last blog post. I don’t think it will be possible to talk about 2020 without mentioning Covid-19, how our lives abruptly changed and we all of a sudden had a new reality to live and deal with.

Within Enento Group we were quick to take action, all of us were sent home to work on a remote basis. Our main focus was to protect the safety and health of our personnel but also to safeguard that our critical services were kept available and our business could carry on. We have even managed to launch several great new services during this pandemic. Looking back, I feel very proud of Enento people and what we have achieved.

Challenges and opportunities

The biggest challenge has been, and still is, to make sure that we retain our culture and a sense of community even though we all work remotely. To make sure everyone feels that we are in this together and that we all share the ambition to build trust in the everyday. 

If we look beyond Covid-19, I would like to highlight the great work that has been done initially in creating our new strategy and now the shift to the strategy implementation. We have already taken important steps with many initiatives including our Sustainability offering, the Business Information stream and our Housing services. Respectively, the work done in the creation of our Nordic Future Platform has been proceeding, despite the temporary reduction of speed in connection to the Covid situation. We now have a tangible roadmap and we have also set concrete goals of what we want to achieve going forward. 

Looking ahead

Next year we will continue with the implementation of our strategy and strategic initiatives connected to this, as well as the Nordic Future Platform. Our customers will come first next year as well; we want to improve customer experience significantly. And last but not least engaged and competent Enento people will make earlier mentioned achievements possible. We will continue to put the effort in the development of people and our working community. And hopefully, we will continue to grow. Our industry is interesting in the eyes of investors, which means that valuations are high and capital is fairly easily available.

Thank you! 

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you – to all my great Enento colleagues that have shown tremendous effort and resilience working through this challenging period. I also want to thank our customers for their commitment and collaboration during this challenging year, and for all the valuable feedback we have received during the year. It makes it possible for us to further improve our offering and services. 

I wish you all well-deserved rest during the holidays and look forward to kick-starting 2021 in January.