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CRM provider Lime uses data integrations from Proff Forvalt for its customers

Lime is a Nordic market-leading provider of CRM systems for those looking for a smarter way to run a business. Lime has more than 30 years of experience in developing CRM systems, and they have transformed from a small company in Sweden to a Nordic listed company with more than 350 employees.

“From day one, our goal has been to deliver exceptionally user-friendly systems that simplify everyday life for our customers. The balance between commitment and technology has made us one of the Nordic region’s leading CRM suppliers,” says Country Manager in Norway, Nicklas Weldingh.

“We want to create out-of-the-ordinary customer experiences and believe that satisfied customers help companies attract new clients. They need smart and user-friendly CRM tools to make it easy acquiring new clients, still retaining and deepening customer relationships. We call such companies ‘customer magnets’,” Weldingh continues.

Lime sees it as important to be able to offer its own customers the company information Proff delivers. According to Weldingh, customers demand comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date business information. Proff in Norway meets these requirements and helps to ensure that Lime can create socalled customer magnets.

“Finding new customers can be time consuming if you lack structure. With Add Company Data (ACD), you can easily search for business information directly in Lime CRM with just a few clicks,” Lime profiles Proff Forvalt API.

“I am glad we can offer Proff Forvalt API to our customers. Proff is attentive, flexible and professional. It is a strong and reliable brand, which aligns with how we want to be perceived,” Weldingh concludes.