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Increased efficiency in the contract process at Scandic

The contract process for a new corporate customer used to take up to a week and a half, but now Scandic Hotels Oy, with 63 hotels in Finland, can welcome a customer in just 10 minutes. Within this time, the customer has filled out an application, received a credit decision and signed the contract electronically. This is made possible by a contract service for a corporate customer, developed by Asiakastieto together with Visma Sign and Eduix.

-The most important thing for us is that the customer experience has improved considerably with this service. For us, the contract service offers everything we need for contracts with corporate customers. This makes our work more efficient, helps with customer service and frees up time for other tasks. We are able to continuously monitor at what stage the conclusion of the contract is at. The process is even more ecological because paper is no longer needed at all, says Liisa Karvonen, accountant at Scandic Hotels Oy’s financial management.

Close cooperation

The advantage of the new service is not only speed but also security. The possibility of human error in concluding a contract is minimized. Previously, the customer first filled out their data on paper, from where they were entered into the system manually. Now the customer fills in the company name or business ID on Eduix’s E-form, after which the automation completes all the necessary basic information, including the electronic invoicing address

Always consistent credit decisions

When opening a corporate customer, a credit decision is required, which determines the terms of payment. This requires a credit policy that allows the company to make consistent, comparable and subsequently trackable, safe credit decisions effortlessly.

In the contract service, the credit decision is made using Asiakastieto’s data and decision models.

-The credit decision is made automatically, and the customer does not have to wait. Holidays or lack of information no longer slow down decision-making when opening a customer relationship”, says Jaakko Nors, product owner at Asiakastieto.