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Quick data helps Telia reach customers at the right time

Telia has grown from a telecommunications operator into a modern technology and media company. They provide a wide range of telecommunication, IT and digital services to millions of consumers and corporate clients. One key customer group is people moving to a new home who need broadband services at their new address. That’s why Telia uses Asiakastieto’s (part of Enento Group) customer management services to reach this audience.

“Regarding the target group of movers, it is essential that Asiakastieto provides us with the information quickly and we get to offer our services to potential customers at the right time. Sometimes, people submit the notification of their move just before the moving date. So, we often call them right as they are carrying their boxes and furniture into their new home,” says Satu Rissanen, who works in Telia Finland’s broadband services.

Establishing contact at the right time serves both Telia and its customers. The smooth flow of information and active communication are the foundation for the long-term cooperation between Telia and Asiakastieto. Continuous dialogue supports service development and the improvement of data quality.
“There’s a strong atmosphere of trust and Asiakastieto understands our operations. When we work on something new, we can focus on developing and improving the existing processes instead of starting from square one,” Rissanen explains.

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