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Lendo, a leading Nordic loan broker

Lendo is a growing international company and a leading Nordic loan broker that enables consumers to compare consumer loans and request competitive offers from creditors. Our services in both Finland and Sweden help evaluate a credit applicant’s background information easily and reliably in advance. 

“We want to be a responsible operator and carefully review the relevant information on credit applicants. It is important for us to know each of our customers. The credit information check enables us to find the best possible solution for the individual situation of each applicant,” says Product Manager Mikael Leppänen from Lendo in Finland. 

Making real-time calculations of available funds based on accurate data became easier when the PSD2 payment services directive gave our customers the opportunity to review the account data of credit applicants subject to their consent. 

“The information provided under PSD2 also serves our customers. The better we know the customers, the more accurate offers we can deliver. At the same time, we can make our services easier and faster to use,” Leppänen explains. 

Lendo has also had the chance to influence the development of our PSD2 service (Account Insight) by being involved in the pilot group that participated in the development of the service. The piloting process gave Lendo the opportunity to highlight special issues related to its operations that will continue to be taken into consideration in the continued development of the service.  

“When there are new services in the pipeline, Asiakastieto is quick to inform us and find out whether we have any challenges that we could tackle together. I am very pleased with our close cooperation and the way these services have been developed,” Leppänen concludes.